Product List

    Vinyl/Veneer/Carpet Roller #399-S

    Roll it on vinyl roofs to get all the air pockets out, and on interior carpeting to smooth it out. It can also be used for Veneer work in furniture. Round edge and single side design allow it to get close to walls. The roller has a 2″ diameter.
    CS Osborne #399-S


    Tucking Tool

    Used for tucking upholstery and headliner into those hard to reach places. It is made of a sturdy curved steel blade with rounded corners and a wooden handle.


    Trim Pad Remover #760

    Perfect high quality tool for auto trim work.
    CS Osborne #760


    Retainer Clip Installer #99

    This tool reduces risk of chips and scratches to glass windows. It is specifically designed to fit trim clips over the studs, and limits glass breakage. It is a practical tool for placing trim retainer clips over studs welded around the window shields and rear window openings.
    CS Osborne #99


    Molding Release Key #757

    Perfect for releasing automotive molding.
    CS Osborne #757


    Molding Clip Tool #97

    Installs and removes the plastic clips that hold molding strips. Press down and slide the clip on or off. This tool helps avoid scratches on new finishes, as well as injury to the worker’s hand.
    CS Osborne #97


    Headrest Release Keys K-752

    Removes the headrest of most American cars, instructions included.
    CS Osborne #K-752


    Door Handle Clip Remover #758

    This high quality door handle clip remover is an industry standard, perfect tool for automotive trim work.
    CS Osborne #758.